PBL finds jewel in Crown

A strong operating profit recorded in 2001 from the Publishing and Broadcasting Limited-controlled Crown Ltd reveals the extent of the bargain Mr Kerry Packer made when he paid $1.55 billion for the Melbourne casino in 1998.


The $1.2 billion-a-year monopoly business is worth up to three times more than what Mr Packer paid in December 1998, as shown by the casino’s 2001 full accounts, which were released on Friday.


The takeover bid was struck at an historic top-line price-earnings multiple of 14, and using that multiple for the $300.2 million EBITDA the casino made in 2001, Crown is now worth $4.23 billion.


Even against a more conservative benchmark of a 1998-99 price-earnings multiple of 7.75, the casino is now worth $2.33 billion, putting Mr Packer $780 million ahead.


The head of Crown, Mr Ian Johnson, who was paid $811,000 for the year, said Crown “was trading …

Premier League Togel Bets



After two defeats at Anfield in a week against Arsenal, including the 6-3 Carling Cup exit on Tuesday night, Liverpool will be grateful for the trip to Watford so they can try and get back into the winning habit.


With seven goals in his last 10 matches, Bolton striker Nicolas Anelka has his sights firmly set on punishing his former employers this season. He scored twice against Manchester City in December and will look for more of the same against a side which has lost seven out of 11 on the road this season.


Charlton already looked dead and buried despite the arrival of a new manager and four months of the season to play. They have good players on the books but they don’t appear able to perform, as two Cup exits against lower league opposition this season testifies. The odds on Middlesbrough to win …

Permainan Simpel Dadu Togel Online Uang Asli



Casino online sekarang sudah semakin kreatif dan inovatif. Banyaknya permainan yang disediakan oleh casino online tentunya bisa dibarengi oleh para bettor yang ingin mengadu untung dalam setiap permainan taruhan online di internet. Sejatinya untuk bisa memenangkan permainan taruhan online bettor harus bisa mencoba peruntungan dalam dadu online uang asli. Menggunakan uang asli adalah salah satu cara agar bisa mendapatkan kemenangan dengan uang yang asli pula. Dalam permainan judi dadu bettor tidak akan seribet permainan lain yang harus menunggui game sampai selesai.  Simak ulasan berikut ini


Hanya menebak dua angka dari dua dadu

Dalam permainan taruhan dadu bettor harus bisa memilih angka yang akan keluar ketika dadu-dadu dilempatkan. Kombinasi angka tersebut harus tepat ditebak oleh bettor dan semuanya akan dimenangkan oleh bettor yang sudah mengerti betul terhadap segala hasil yang dilakukan oleh bettor di internet. Sepertinya hal tersebut bisa dimengerti dengan betul terhadap berbagai kesempatan yang dinantikan oleh …




Learning To Drill the Boris Ace-Five Count

Because I originally designed the Boris for Blackjack Computer Software to enhance my own play, periodically, I find myself back in practice play; as usual, combining live-dealt cards on top of VOLUME play with Boris. The final months of 2001 find this to again be true. This time, I am drilling a combination of the Boris Advanced Count (BAPC) and the (yet-to-be-released) Boris Clump-Track approach.


In 2001, current Boris users have watched the BJDRILLS.Exe program emerge from just a cute but useful little program, to a multi-faceted Drill Facility. Again, history repeats itself – Boris’ has evolved to meet my immediate needs. Satisfied that doing drills has indeed improved my own play (my live-dealt play is routinely netting 10X Buy-in), these tools are being made available to the user-base in Boris Release 4.40. However, having a myriad of useful tools …