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The decree that established a legal framework in Venezuela for cryptocurrency has been entered into effect. It includes 63 articles that govern the purchase, sale and distribution of cryptocurrencies as well as their exchange. It also requires a registration system. This includes details about audit procedures, penalties, and how mining equipment may be confiscated.

Legal Framework for Cryptocurrencies

The “Constituent Decree on the Integral Systems of Crypto Assets” from Venezuela has been published in the official gazette. The decree that established the legal framework for cryptocurrency and related activities has 63 articles. It was published in the gazette. More about Shelter Crypto

Ramirez Joselit is the Superintendent of Sunacrip. He is Venezuela’s Superintendency for Crypto Assets.

Official Gazette Number 41.575 published today the constituent decree that will govern operation of the Integral System of Crypto Assets of Venezuela.

Venezuela’s new Cryptocurrency Rules are in force

Six sections are made …