Dragons’ Fire Is Qq Online Lukewarm



Chunnam and Melbourne in action at Gwangyang Stadium


And so it came to pass that South Korean team Chunnam Dragons were playing Melbourne Victory of Australia to preserve their faint hopes of reaching the last eight of the Asian Champions League.


Melbourne had been even worse than the Qq Online Dragons in the competition but the A-League outfit at least had the excuse that it was their first time. Chunnam’s centred on injuries to their best players.


Chunnam’s home stadium


As excuses go, it was reasonable. The club was without three or four of its best players for every match. It doesn’t however, explain why with all but one of those stars recovered, coach Park Hang-seo chose to leave out four first-team regulars. They watched the action from the stands accompanied by dried squid and ricecakes – snacks that keep mouths busy for hours.…