Snuff, Health and Nicotine pouches



All-clear for snuff! A study shows that snuff on its own does not pose a cancer risk!

  1. Background

In the mid-nineties the EU Commission ordered that all tobacco products should bear the warning “Causes cancer” or something similar. This naturally also applied to snuff. However, this caused a problem since the order was not made on the basis of any scientific evidence since there were practically no scientifically based studies which shows that snuff could actually cause any cancerous illness of the nose.


The EU authorities recognized this problem soon afterwards and replaced the incorrect warning with the current warning “This tobacco product may harm your health and cause dependence”. Nevertheless, the world market leader, Pöschl Tabak, commissioned an independent scientific report to provide final clarification of the facts from Prof. Dr. Eberhard Greiser, Director of the Bremer Institute for Prevention Research and Social Medicine. This step …