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Terms and Definitions for sports betting
While luck may be a deciding factor in the outcome of any single Togel game, and will inevitably go against you on occasion, it will balance out in the long run. Being a consistent winner in sports betting is not about luck but whether you are prepared to invest the time and effort to become knowledgeable about the slot gacor you bet on, whether you can weigh all the factors in a cool, objective fashion, and whether you adopt a consistent, disciplined, long-term approach to your betting. Do all these and you will come out a winner. Remember, it’s you against the oddsmaker, not the bookmaker.
The bookmaker is simply a middle-man who operates on a small profit margin and, ideally he likes to see half the money wagered on one team and half on the other, assuring him of a profit. If too much of the money goes on one team, the bookmaker will move the line or pointspread to encourage bets on the other team in an effort to balance his book. The person you are attempting to beat is the oddsmaker and his views on each team’s chances. Just by flipping a coin you will be right 50 percent of the time. At odds of 10/11 only 52.4 percent of your bets have to win for you to overcome the bookmaker’s profit and break even, so you only need a very small edge to become a winner. Do your homework and bet selectively. 55% winning bets is definitely achievable and 60-65% is a realistic target. At those levels you will have an extremely profitable and enjoyable hobby.
Terms and Definitions
ACTION The amount of money being wagered on a game.
BAD BEAT A hard loss.
BOOKIE A person or organization that sets the lines and books the bets in sports.
BANKROLL The amount of money the player plans to gamble.
BEARD A messenger bettor. Someone who places bets on behalf of another person so that the unique casino will not know the identity of the actual bettor.
BEEF A Dispute.
BUCK A $100 wager.
CHALK The team favored to win.
CHALK PLAYER A person who usually wagers on the favored teams. A.K.A Favorite Freddie, chalk eater.
CIRCLE GAME A game where the betting action is severely limited due to uncertainties about key injuries, inclement weather conditions, or unsubstantiated rumors regarding a team.
COVER To win by more than the pointspread.