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Here’s another drink that just kind of popped up out of nowhere for me.  Never heard of it, never seen it before.  Full Throttle is a 16oz energy drink from the Coca Cola Company and what I think is their first attempt at entering the Energy Drink market.  That being said, I was hoping it would be better than what it is.  It tastes a lot like the Rawlings drink I so despised only it doesn’t have the horrific bitter chemical taste.  You still have that “Deep Woods Off!” flavor that I don’t quite understand (Basically a bizarre attempt at a lime citrus flavor I think) but it’s not nearly as offensive.  While I can’t say I really like it, I can say there are a lot worse out there.  Full Throttle at least tries to stand out from the crowd by doing something a bit different flavor wise…unfortunately; I don’t think it went the right direction with it.  While it’s drinkable, it’s not nearly as pleasant as MANY of the other products on the market, but at least the do you right and give you quantity…something that seems to be catching on now days.  Now, I DO think that this would probably make a damn good Slurpee….it seems to taste better the colder it is meaning serve it ICE cold and do NOT let it get warm….consider that fair warning.  Power wise I was REALLY disappointed.  Given the size of the drink and the stuff in it I was definitely expecting more.  Not really much of a pickup from this drink at all so I can’t really recommend it for flavor or power.  There are much stronger and much better tasting things out there for right at the same price, so unless you just want to try something new, I’d say go with any one of the other 16oz drinks on the market.


On a side note, this would probably make a pretty good mixer.  It does kind of remind me of sour mix and would probably do well in a margarita.


XTZ Kosmic Kola Energy Drink and Energy pouches


I’m kind of bummed with this one….Over all I have been pretty happy with the XTZ line of drinks.  They have all stood up fairly well, and represented their flavors pretty enjoyably.  Cola seemed like it would be an easy out, but alas it is not.  While Kosmic Kola starts of pretty normal, the taste quickly changes to what I can only describe as a bitter cola covered up with sugar and herbs.  In other words, the aftertaste is not so good, and the back side of the flavor is fairly unpleasant.  There is something to it that just does not belong in a cola….something unnatural (although in reality I’m sure it’s actually very natural which is why it tastes so odd….I’m used to all the artificial crap in other colas so real stuff tastes strange) so it’s kind of an instant turn off.  Some folks out there might actually enjoy this because it is so different, but I myself can’t really endorse it…it just doesn’t do anything for me flavor wise, and as I said before there are a lot of other XTZ flavors that are much more enjoyable (the Root Beer Riot for example).  Power wise, it’s right along with the other X-Drinx.  Not to strong, but definitely there.  For the average drinker you’ll get a bit of a kick from it, but I doubt you’ll be wired.  Overall it’s what I would consider OK.  There are much better tasting and much worse tasting things out there, so you could do worse, but don’t be afraid to try something else as you could definitely do better as well.