Do you like visiting museums in Turkey?

Mersin Escort

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Visiting museums, in some of the museums you are not allowed to take pictures or use flash, before you go in, just check if there is a sign with a camera crossed over, which means keep your camera in your hand bags, or check them in. Also, as a universal rule you are not permitted to touch any of the artifacts displayed


If you are visiting Turkey in summer time (particularly July & August), you may need a sun hat & sun blocks to protect yourself against sun burning, also people with sensitive skin should have something to cover their shoulders for the same reason


If you are visiting Turkey in winter time (Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar), you will need warm clothes & have your umbrellas & raincoats with you


Public restrooms are available at the town centres, museums, restaurants, mosques & gas stations, usually a small service charge is expected (50c). It may be difficult to find a european style closet especially in rural areas. Western style can be found at gas stations & restaurants along the major tourist roads. In any case, you should have your own toilet paper & Kleenex where it is unavailable at public rest rooms


Food matters, although the sanitation is taken seriously & strictly controlled at tourist places by the authorities, some rare instances of diarrhea have occurred, that’s partly because of the hot & spicy meals eaten, or the guests may have a sensitive stomach. So, have some medicine with you against stomach upsets & diarrhea. Those who are vegetarian will be able to find vegetable food or at least omelet which is very popular in Turkey, almost in every town.


Most of the restaurants display their food in windows, or waiters can bring the samples if you request. Also, the menu that shows available food can be found at your table in Turkish & most areas in English as well. If you are eating out in a restaurant, waiters expect some tip usually 10% of your bill & it is not included in your bill, you can leave it at the table separately


Water, although it is safe to drink tap water, it is recommended to buy bottled water for drinking which can be found almost at store, that’s because the city water is chlorinated for sanitation reasons of which you might not like the smell. You can safely brush your teeth with tap water. Check Mersin Escort