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organic pest control

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Humans have been killing pests since the beginning of civilization, and they were using the best homemade techniques to kill the insects and pesticides; that homemade methodss were the best methods to stop the bacteria of several insects and pests, nowadays those homemade techniques are using in the various organic pest control recipes, because in the world full of pollution, using chemical pesticides can be the biggest hurdle for ourselves as well as for the others. Therefore some easy recipes have been introduced to get rid of insects and pests, and those easy recipes will be defined in the upcoming paragraphs.


  • Know your insects


The first and foremost recipe to control the pests and insects is you should know about the insects and pests in your garden, as it is a fact that there are many insects which take in the crops, some of them are good for the growth of the crops, and some of them are bad, you need to kill only the threatening pests because if you kill all the pests including the good ones, then you crop will get harm. That is why knowing about the insects first can be the most beneficial step to take into action.


  • Spray with the use of soap and water


You cannot underestimate the power of soap and water, as when they both get mixed, they can kill the significant diseases caused by insects and pests. Many pests in the crops are so small and soft-shelled, a hard spray of water and can even kill them. Apart from that, the insects that are hard and do not get hurt by the water will also be killed using soap and water mixture. The mixture of soap and water cannot harm the plants, but it can cause various animals’ death.


It is so easy to make a spray using water and soap, all you need to mix the dishwashing detergent and water in a container, and after that, you need to add two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid to a gallon of warm water and then shake it up. Finally, pour the water into the spray bottle and then spray it on the leaves on the crops; you will get the results in the span of a few hours.



The final saying


After concluding all the sides of organic pest control methods, it can be said that these methods are so cheap and affordable to use, as everyone can take advantage of them by following the recipes mentioned above.