About Casino-Free Philadelphia

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Casino-Free Philadelphia’s mission is simple: stop casinos from coming to Philadelphia and close any that open.

Philly and the Predatory Gambling Industry

The social and economic costs of predatory gambling are plainly apparent from an industry reliant on addiction to survive. The casino industry thrives by increasing gambling addiction, targeting the poor, and avoiding paying the costs associated with crime, bankruptcy, and the losses from other local businesses. Read facts and studies on these effects.

Casinos in Philadelphia will hardly be the economic engine for the city that they promise. The Philadelphia oversight commission run by the state of Pennsylvania estimates that casinos in Philadelphia will result in a net loss of jobs. In fact, casinos destroy twice as many jobs as they create. Thus, the sooner SugarHouse is shut down — and Foxwoods abandons its plans — the better for Philadelphia job-seekers.

Nor will casinos in Philadelphia do particularly well. Casino-Free Philadelphia’s study, Snake Eyes: All Odds Are Against the Philly Casinos, documents how SugarHouse casino will likely be the first to go bankrupt in Philadelphia, and why Foxwoods may never open at all.

For a Casino-Free Philadelphia

We are not opposed to gambling, only to the predatory practices used to purposely generate addiction in our city. We are opposed to all casinos, anywhere in our city; we do not accept money from any “rival casinos” and indeed reject any donations from anyone employed by or involved with the casino industry.

Casino-Free Philadelphia started June 1, 2006. We believe in strengthening the power of the people through grassroots organizing, direct action, and sustained public involvement.