A Casino Town Watch

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As part of Reclaim the Riverfront, we’re documenting and exposing SugarHouse casino’s predatory tactics through a casino town watch.

Just like a neighborhood watch, we’ll be working to ensure the safety of our friends and neighbors. And if we shut down their predatory tactics, we shut down SugarHouse. Casinos will go bankrupt when they can no longer rely on addiction to survive.

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We will expose SugarHouse’s predatory tactics to Philadelphians across the city, ensuring everyone is aware of the way the casino seeks to exploit our friends and neighbors. We will shut down SugarHouse — and ensure Foxwoods never opens.

We are not opposed to gambling, only to the predatory practices SugarHouse, Foxwoods and other casinos would use to purposely generate addiction in our city.

Fighting the dangers of SugarHouse in our neighborhood

Casinos recklessly endanger our community as they rely on those most addicted to turn a profit. Their predatory tactics include offering free alcohol, risking the lives of other drivers through drunk driving, and forcing people into bankruptcy in one night by allowing people to play slots on credit. Through the addiction casinos cultivate, children are put at risk, as we’ve already seen across the state.

You can join us at an upcoming casino town watch!

  • Join us in protecting our friends and neighbors, which undermines the casino’s bottom line because they rely on predatory tactics to profit.
  • Join us to do what the city should be doing — protecting its residents from the impacts of a predatory institution.
  • Join us to hold SugarHouse accountable to the community in which it resides by documenting its consistently negative impacts.